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What is Hoz?
A person.

Where does Hoz live?
In Perth, Western Australia.

How old is Hoz?

Is Hoz a nickname or a real name?
A nickname.

Where did the nickname Hoz come from?
The nickname Hoz comes from my online alias Hzopak. I was 16 when I put the letters together for the first time and I thought I would be smart to create a word that has a silent H. So technically it's pronounced Zo-Pack. My friends didn't quite catch on and started calling me Hoz instead. I also gave the name a definition: To undo your fly in a sexy manner. I doubt my maturity has increased all that much since I thought that up.

What does Hoz like to do?
Write silly little websites, design and wear stupid t-shirts, take photos and drink guinness.

How can you contact Hoz?
Email is the best way. Send your love to hzopak [at] gmail.com