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13 September 2009 in photography

Hoz in overalls, April 2007

Hoz in overalls, April 2007

I remember this day, my job as an apprentice insturment technician/electrician would lead me to some weird places. On this very day I installed a couple pressure transmitters located on the bottom of the outer hull of HMAS Sirius. That was my introduction to confined spaces and gas detectors. I have to admit, although it was messy, dark, moist and crampt, I did enjoy the job. Another thing I remember is when I was actually taking the photo (it was on a timer) I had to not pull a stupid face. This was probably one of about ten or something as all the others were me pulling a retarded looking face. Mind you I can’t say with confidence that this face isn’t retarded looking too.


13 September 2009 photography

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